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Determined to Develop Malawi Adult Literacy 2
Determined to Develop Malawi Adult Literacy 2
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Determined to Develop Malawi Adult Literacy 1
Determined to Develop Malawi Adult Literacy 2Determined to Develop Malawi Adult Literacy 3Determined to Develop Malawi Adult Literacy 1

Determined to Develop expands Adult Literacy Program in Malawi

In November 2016, Determined to Develop (D2D) reported on the first cycle of adult literacy participants graduating from the program. 24 graduates, made up solely of women, attended twice weekly adult literacy classes for two years to learn how to read and write in order to develop themselves, their families and their community. The graduation ceremony sparked inspiration among local community members including men, other women and young parents who previously failed to complete secondary education.

In the light of the successes of the first round of the program, and responding to the request from people in the village, D2D has expanded the program to accommodate this community demand.

D2D has implemented a second round of adult literacy classes, this time incorporating male beneficiaries. English Language classes are now being offered as well; a popular request from many of the women who graduated in the first cohort.

Women’s Empowerment Manager Ponelo Kalonga said “The decision to offer English classes was due to the high demand from a large portion of the graduates. They are now pushing themselves forward in conjunction with D2D and as a result, are going to be more equipped in their home and businesses. Even small details, like being able to help children with school work, are going to add to the overall benefit of people taking these classes. The women now know the importance of education and will be more likely to help their girls stay in school. I hope that the men who are now enrolled will begin to do the same.”

The English and adult literacy classes run twice a week on Monday and Thursdays. We caught up with some of the participants on a very rainy day in Sangilo. Despite the weather, there was still a good turnout of dedicated members of the group. Hilde Kondowe, after taking part in an English speaking role play, told us “I enjoy being back at school. We have all come to the classes because we want to learn. I’m happy to interact and write in English because it will allow me to go further in life.”

A male member of the group Joshua Mwakhwawa, (who is also the Group Village Head of Sangilo Village), has begun taking part in the English classes too. He explains that the group also use their meeting time to discuss ideas and share information among themselves on health and social topics, like how to look after their families better. GVH Mwakhwawa also says that “children will be helped more at home because class members are starting to learn English.

We’re happy to support adults and women who want to push themselves forward with education. The results mean that their children will have a leg up and a focus on school.