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Determined to Develop Malawi Girls Empowerment
Determined to Develop Malawi Girls Empowerment
Determined to Develop Malawi Girls Empowerment

D2D Girls’ Empowerment Program Interns

To enhance their professional development and employability, many tertiary students in Malawi spend a school term holding an internship. Determined to Develop (D2D) regularly hosts interns, preparing them for futures in the workplace and helping them be more marketable job candidates. D2D is presently hosting several interns, two of whom are helping with Girls’ Empowerment Projects, including Girls Club and Female Mentorship Groups. Violet and Ipyana are first year students studying Community Development at Miracle Technical Institute. 

Miracle Technical Institute is a Marianist institution located in the Karonga District of Northern Malawi. Miracle students study for a year and a half, after which they receive a diploma and qualification to enter the workforce. As a school accredited by the National Counsel for Higher Education (NCHE), Miracle gives its graduates a jump start at university education, allowing them to graduate with a degree in just two years. Miracle offers technical courses, including Carpentry and Joinery, Electrical and Solar Installation, Hotel Management, Tailoring, and Plumbing, as well as commercial courses, including Information and Communication Technology, Accounting, Business Administration, and Community Development. 

Violet chose to study Community Development because of its high marketability. So far in her program, she has learned public speaking and communication skills, as well as how to interact with community members respectfully and responsibly. During her internship at D2D, she has helped teach primary and secondary Girls Club sessions, communicated with community partners, and spoken with students at Khwawa CDSS, an area high school, about preventing early pregnancy. After working for a few years following graduation, she plans to attend university to earn a higher degree. 

Ipyana enjoys meeting new people, which influenced her to study Community Development, along with its marketability. Ipyana has enjoyed her studies at Miracle, where she has learned the value of working with and being tolerant of people with different views, as well as project planning and public speaking. Ipyana is grateful for the professional development opportunities she has received during her internship thus far, among which are business writing and monitoring and evaluation, which she learned at a recent staff workshop. Her dream is to one day work for a children’s rights NGO, saying, “Malawi is a poor country and there are a lot of children who are malnourished. I want to help them with childhood development.” She aspires to one day be a Master’s Degree holder.   

Internships are reciprocally beneficial in that they give students professional development training as well as provide extra support in the implementation of D2D’s programs. D2D is appreciative of the help of its Girls’ Empowerment interns and looks forward to seeing the impact they will make on their communities and country in the future.