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Determined to Develop Internship Program Malawi
Determined to Develop Internship Program Malawi
Determined to Develop Internship Program Malawi
Determined to Develop Internship Program MalawiDetermined to Develop Internship Program Malawi

D2D’s Internship Program: Where Talent and Opportunity Meet!

Experiential learning is integral in preparing students for a professional career. Internships provide a full scope of benefits, including valuable work experience and the opportunity to cultivate and apply new skills. Moreover, internships produce a virtuous circle of development for both the organization and the intern. D2D continually hosts interns from various institutions throughout the year, recognizing the mutual advantages of internship programs. Our interns to date have enhanced the operations of our office, bringing new practices and fresh ideas to the table. On top of that, interns foster leadership in our current staff members, creating opportunities to build managerial skills as they train, oversee, and direct interns. D2D is presently hosting two interns: Grace Kaipa and Sopani Kasalu. They are assisting with our Girls’ Empowerment Program and Accounting Office, respectively.

Grace is a first-year student studying Community Development at Lilongwe Technical College. She is passionate about women’s empowerment and aspires to start her own NGO helping women establish small businesses and become financially independent. Thus far, Grace has helped develop new teaching techniques and interactive approaches to enhance engagement and comprehension of life skills lessons across all Girls Club levels. When asked about her experience with D2D so far, she said: “I am so grateful to be able to learn how to implement programs and the correct practices to teach youth about female empowerment. I like being able to apply what I have learned in school and gaining new skills that will benefit me in my future studies and work.”

Sopani joins us from Mzuzu Technical College, where she studies Accounting. During her internship at D2D, she has gained hands-on experience working with different accounting systems and creating float reports. In addition to working in our accounting office, Sopani has been involved with our Female Mentorship Program. Serving as a mentor, Sopani taught our secondary aged Girls Club members how to set and achieve career goals. In the future, Sopani hopes to become a Bank Manager. Following the completion of her accounting program, she plans to continue her education at university, majoring in Economics and bringing her one step closer to her goal.

D2D is thankful for the support of this term’s interns and is happy to provide the opportunity to help tertiary students showcase their talents and deepen their skills. We are excited to see all they accomplish in the years to come.