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Determined to Develop provides materials to local schools in Malawi

Determined to Develop provides materials to local schools in Malawi

Determined to Develop’s (D2D) catchment area includes two main high schools serving a large population, including our sponsored youth. D2D aims to provide material resources to these local schools in order to improve their function and enhance students’ overall learning ability and experience. With this in mind, D2D recently funded two large projects, one of which was made possible by the contribution of an overseas donor.

Our local long-time partner pubic high school, Khwawa Community Day Secondary School (CDSS), is currently expanding the number of students enrolled, a response to the tremendous need in our area. Currently, 16 primary (elementary) schools feed into Khwawa with only 25 places for boys and 25 for girls. This has meant that only a couple students from each primary school have been able to continue with high school because of capacity. To give more students a chance, Khwawa has doubled its enrollment and two new classroom blocks were constructed on the school’s grounds. D2D has been a great partner in this construction and provided bags of cement for the superstructure as well as steel roofing for the whole building, which comprises of two classrooms.

D2D staff and school officials bought enough sheets of iron roofing to cover all the new classroom blocks which have been constructed. The donation will allow the school to continue moving forward in their expansion process, soon providing a higher number of functioning classrooms in which students can learn. The head teacher of Khwawa expressed how thankful he was for D2D’s donation, noting how timely the contribution was with the rainy season just around the corner for our area of Malawi. The PTA school committee was also just as grateful, commenting on how important it truly is to be able to cover all the classrooms before the heavy rainfall arrives in December.

A second donation was provided to Thunduti CDSS. The school was in need of desks for its students to work and learn. Lattitude Global Volunteering, an organization with a long relationship to D2D, had a volunteer, George Johnson, who served as a teacher in Malawi for six months. He lived in one of the rural villages and was placed at Thunduti CDSS as part of his volunteer work. His family is from New Zealand and after visiting George and the school, his parents wanted to help. They made a donation in order to supply the school with over forty desks for its students. D2D placed an order for the desks with the contribution given on behalf of the Johnson family, and forty-four desks in total will be delivered to the school.

As a result of the donations, Khwawa CDSS and Thunduti CDSS will both have benefitted widely. With two new, fully functioning classroom blocks, and a large number of student desks, the overall intake and performance of both schools will surely improve. Providing such assets, which enrich the educational experience for Malawian students, is something the organization is always happy to be able to do. D2D will continue to make such donations overtime whenever possible.