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Lt. Col. Joseph Williams speaks to Determined to Develop students

Lt. Col. Joseph Williams speaks to Determined to Develop students

Maji Zuwa was lucky to receive Lieutenant Colonel Joseph E. Williams, the most senior United States’ Defense official and Defense Attaché to both the Malawian and Zimbabwean Embassies.

Lt. Col. Williams was in the northern region on a base inspection of Chilumba Barracks, the final military installation he visited while on a country tour. As part of his job, Lt. Col. Williams works hand in hand with the Malawi Defense Force (MDF – the Malawian military) to ensure readiness and capability, focusing particularly on officer training. In part because of the USA’s commitment to the Malawian military, Malawi is considered one of the best forces in Southern Africa and is regarded as the most professional Army in numerous Peace Keeping operations in both the Democratic Republic of Congo and in Ivory Coast, which both have active missions staffed by Malawian troops.

During his visit, Lt. Col. Williams spoke to the Determined to Develop students about the need to work hard in school in order to have a successful future. Having served in the Army for more than 25 years, he regaled the students with stories from each major conflict America has been involved with including stories from Iraq and Afghanistan. But his bigger lessons were on the importance of education and its ability to transform lives.

We are thankful that Lt. Col. Williams took time from his busy schedule to stay with us and speak to our kids!

Tawonga chomene (We thank you)

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