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Malawi Students First USA Visit
Malawi Students First USA Visit
Malawi Students First USA Visit

D2D Sponsored Students Trip to the U.S.A.

On November 1st, Matt Maroon and sponsored students Nashion, Kennedy, and Enoch returned from their three-week journey across the U.S.A. The yearly trip serves as an opportunity for Maroon to engage with D2D donors and board members. For the students accompanying Matt, the trip is an adventure filled with new places, people, and foods. Who better to share about the experience than the travelers themselves?


It was like a dream when I was first told that I was going to the U.S.A. I couldn’t believe that such a big trip could happen to me. I call it a big trip because no one in my family has gone to the U.S. It was on September 28th when we flew from Kamuzu International Airport to Johannesburg, South Africa. Being the first flight in my life, I could say that it was not good. As we were about to land, we encountered a storm which made the plane shake so much. The next two flights were smooth and I really enjoyed them. When we got to the U.S., we started touring beautiful places and meeting our donors who are working very hard to push our academic careers forward. I had fun touring around with different people, including some of the University of Dayton students who visited Malawi last summer. I can’t talk about the U.S. without mentioning the food. I will never forget the great food, including Chipotle, steak, pizza, and sushi. Through this trip I have learned a lot and gained a lot of experience. Thank you so much to all of the donors! The U.S.A. will always be in my heart.


Starting from the time I was young, the United States of America was my dream country. It was the country I wanted to visit the most, to enjoy the places we usually that I have only seen in movies. I was so happy this year when I was told I was to apply for a visa because I was going to America. It was my first time outside of Malawi. It was a big jump! The skyscrapers, highways, and food were amazing and unforgettable. My travels to the U.S.A. will always remain in my memories and will be a story that I will even be telling to my great-grandchildren. I would like to thank the people of America for allowing us to visit and for your full smiles and helpfulness. Great thanks to my sponsors and all the families and friends helping Determined to Develop.


I had been fantasizing about America ever since I was a little kid, so this was a precious opportunity to fulfill my dream. The plane ride was an adventure on its own because it was both very exciting and amusing at the same time. The Maroons and Mr. Burgoon welcomed us at the airport when we arrived. After a few days of rest, we started going to dinner with sponsors and attending fundraising events. This experience was amazing because we got to meet and talk to many people as well as experience different places and cultures. My favorite places we visited were San Antonio, Texas and Gibsonburg, Ohio. My favorite foods were ribs and pork chops and I also liked vanilla ice cream and coffee creamer. Now that I am back home, I will always cherish this experience and hold its memories close to my heart. Finally, I would like to thank Determined to Develop and all the sponsors for giving me this once in a lifetime experience.