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Malawian businessman donates to Determined to Develop

Malawian businessman donates to Determined to Develop

Determined to Develop focuses the largest portion of its resources on providing a chance for young people to go to school. This access to education is something taken for granted in developed countries, but something out of reach for many youth in Malawi. Although school fees are the greatest hurdle to education, once a child is in school he or she still needs a school uniform, mandatory for entering the class, and materials, such as notebooks and pens. Even the cost of a pen can be out of reach.

One of our suppliers for our school materials is a good friend named Mswarz Mlenga. Mswarz started from humble beginnings as a young entrepreneur in Karonga town and gradually worked his way up to a thriving businessman supplying most stationary items in Karonga.

Mswarz is also very active in supporting his church and activities that benefit the most disadvantaged. In a recent visit to his shop, our Executive Director Matt was buying some supplies for the children. Mswarz asked him to the back room and said to Matt, “You know, I see what you and Determined to Develop are doing to help our young people. I also need to appreciate how you have come from USA but you and the people who help you have thought about the children here. There are even some Malawians who don’t think about their neighbors. But you continue helping people. May God Bless you.”

With those words, Mswarz handed Matt a complete box of college ruled notebooks. With a couple hundred notebooks, and a value well over $100, it was a very, very generous gift by Malawi standards. Mzwarz is an example of a Malawian who wants to push his country forward and help the youth citizens access education. D2D continually interacts with both private and government sector professionals who want the same for their country without anything in return. Matt and the D2D staff are continually thankful for the partners in development who are Malawians yearning to raise their beautiful country out of poverty and into prosperity. And sometimes that happens one school notebook at a time…

Tawonga chomene (We thank you) Mr. Mswarz Mbenga!