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Blog Nyika Plateau
Blog Nyika Plateau
Blog Nyika Plateau

Boys trip to Nyika Plateau

On August 20th, D2D’s residential boys departed for their highly-anticipated excursion to Nyika Plateau. Rising 2,605 km (8,547 ft) at its highest point, the plateau makes for picturesque views of Lake Malawi and the Luangwa Valley. Within the plateau rests Nyika National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site, containing a multitude of wildlife species and a distinctive landscape. In short, Nyika made for an exhilarating excursion for the residential boys! 

They stopped at a “magical lake,” where it is rumored to be impossible to throw a stone from one end of the water to the other. A few of the boys showed their strength and succeeded in proving the legend wrong! When the group returned to their campsite for lunch, they found themselves surrounded by impalas that came close enough to finish their leftovers! 

The following day, the crew bundled up in preparation for the cold climate of Thakhati Peak, the third highest point in Malawi and the second highest of Nyika. The peak is so steep that it can only be reached by foot. Unfortunately, a layer of fog prevented the boys from taking in the full extent of the view, but they enjoyed the hike nonetheless. Before heading home, they made a final stop at Vwaza Wildlife Reserve in hopes of glimpsing a few more animals. They were lucky to come across impalas, hippos, and even a few elephants.

After the exhaustion brought on by hiking, sightseeing, and the cold temperatures, the boys were ready to return home. They will enjoy the warmth of D2D during their last few weeks of holiday before beginning a fresh school year at their respective schools. 

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