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An Outstanding School Term for Residential Primary Students

The end of another school term brings more exciting results from the residential primary students. All primary students have passed with good scores, but especially impressive are the those of Patience and Innocent, both of whom scored position 2 in their classes! Both boys study at Hara Primary and spend extra time practicing their English outside of school during daily after-school tutoring lessons.

Patience is in Standard 6 (6th grade). His favorite school subjects are English and Bible Knowledge because he enjoys “learning about what God was telling us to do.” In his free time, he enjoys reading books and drawing.

Innocent is in Standard 3 (3rd grade). His favorite school subject is English and his favorite part of school is reading books. Innocent had impressive performance in Term 1 as well, placing position three in his class, and his performance has continued to improve! When he is not in school, Innocent likes playing football and chatting with friends.

The Residential Youth Program gives primary students facing difficult circumstances the opportunity to complete their education, which they may not be able to do so otherwise. By living in a supportive and structured environment, residential students can focus their full attention on their studies. Patience and Innocent are testaments of the positive impact the Residential Youth Program can have on students’ lives, allowing them to reach their full potential.