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My name is Robert Chikwezga. Determined to Develop started sponsoring me in 2011 when I was in first year of my high school. I went to Phwezi Boys Private Secondary School. I did well in my final year in secondary school and I applied for the Environmental Management program at University of Livingstonia. The reason I applied for this program is that there is an increase in demand and pressure on the environmental and natural resources due to rapid human population growth and industrialization. This has compromised the sustainable use of these resources leading to degradation and depletion of most of these resources which will in turn result in adverse climatic conditions. My desire was to learn practical ways to alleviate the problem. My goal is to create the balance between human needs and the health of the environment to promote sustainable development.

Now that I am done with my university studies, I am so excited to work with D2D as the Residential House Manager. It has been my desire to help my fellow youths since D2D picked me and I am grateful for the great work all previous Residential House Managers did for me and many others. My goal is to help all the residential youth to successfully finish school and become responsible leaders of tomorrow. This is going to be achieved by helping them realize who they are and who they want to be. 

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